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Tasmania’s First Scientists – Investigations into Tasmanian Aboriginal canoe-making

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Can you guess how many years Indigenous canoe making existed before colonisation?

This web-based resource includes an investigation into the resilience of Indigenous culture in surviving the impact of British invasion. Look deeper into the rich cultural knowledge and science behind Tasmanian Aboriginal canoe-making with a focus on Naval architecture and cultural use of plants.

Online resources:

  • Ethnobotanical information on the various species that are used in various types of Indigenous canoe making
  • Video + audio of Uncle Rex Greeno talking about canoe making, how this relates to his Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and his experience as a boat builder of European type boats
  • Naval engineering/architecture perspectives on Tasmanian canoes
  • Photogrammetry of a 3D scan conducted on the model paperbark canoe made by Uncle Rex Greeno
  • Science at home resource and learning materials for younger audiences and families, including a ‘how to’ demonstration/instructions to make your own canoe. Young learners can then make their own canoe with found materials gathered from local bushland, combined with found contemporary objects. Young learners are invited to submit images of their creations for an online exhibition, hosted by Plimsoll Gallery. Send images by email.