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  • - (AEST)
  • Redland Museum
    60 Smith Street, Cleveland QLD 4163, Australia

Science is much more than explosions and weird experiments. It is the knowledge we use to make all the wonderful things we rely on every day.

Join us to explore how scientific knowledge is discovered, and how technology uses that science to make lots of very useful things. Using our displays of vintage equipment, which are simple and easy to understand, we will talk about the science that makes them work, the stories about how they were invented, and what we use today.

We will look at marshmallow towers, glass blowing, blacksmithing, steam engines, telegraph, telephones, radio, structures, colours and dyes, music, photography, minerals and gemstones, printing and more. These are hands-on activities that you can touch and try.

Then enjoy the Laser show by guest presenter Ruben Meerman, aka The Surfing Scientist, who will take us on a spectacular science educational journey. Celebrate National Science Week's theme Glass: more than meets the eye and the United Nations International Year of Glass with a light-bending presentation about the wonders of optics and photonics.

Ruben uses laser beams, thermal imaging cameras, spinning mirrors and a fish tank to demonstrate the laws of refraction, reflection, transmission and absorption. You'll learn what light is and how it is used for everything from tattoo removal, scanning barcodes, cutting steel and measuring how fast our moon is drifting off into space.