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Rescheduled: Sustainability and Composting at Home and in the Workplace

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Note: due to the ACT COVID-19 lockdown, this event will now take place entirely online.

Did you know that when food and other organic waste goes to landfill, it breaks down in a way that produces methane? While this might not seem bad, methane is a key driver of climate change. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: by composting organic materials, not only can we reduce overall carbon emissions, but we produce a useful product at the end.

At Mount Stromlo Observatory, we have set up on-site composting for food waste generated here and at home by staff and students. To date, we have diverted more than 250 kg of organic waste from landfill - saving over a tonne of carbon emissions.

As part of Served With a Side of Science: A Canberra Food Festival, Dr Phil Taylor from Mount Stromlo Observatory will discuss the issues associated with waste, simple ways to set up a composting system at home or work (and options if you can’t do either), as well as other low-cost, low-effort sustainability initiatives we can all take. He’ll also explain how our individual choices can and do make a big difference in the fight against climate change.

By day, Dr Philip Taylor works as a theoretical astrophysicist at Mount Stromlo Observatory, where he uses supercomputer simulations to understand how galaxies form and evolve over time. By night (and also by day), he leads sustainability efforts at the observatory to reduce its environmental footprint and educates staff and students on how to take simple steps to live a more sustainable life both at home and at work.