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St Mary's Cathedral College Science Week

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  • St Mary's Cathedral College
    2 St Mary's Road, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

From Monday to Thursday in National Science Week, science/STEM-based activities will be held at recess and lunch at St Mary's Cathedral College, with prizes to be won.

Monday 14 August

Recess - Lab 427 - Amazing Race
Students will compete in pairs to find hidden clues around the school (max. 10 teams of 2-3 students).

Lunch - Lab 429 - Trash to Treasure - Making Energy from Garbage
Make biogas by creating an anaerobic environment and seeing how effective different types of fruits and vegetables are when it comes to creating methane (max. 8 teams of  3 students). 

Tuesday 15 August

Recess - TLA - Have You Been Paying Attention? Science Week Edition
Students will be shown a stimulus and asked a series of questions related to innovation for the future industries and sustainability.(max. 30 students) Prizes to be won.

Lunch - Lab 429 - Make your own Biodegradable Slime
Students will repurpose laundry bags made from biopolymers into slime for hours of fun (max 25 students).

Wednesday 16 August

Recess - Lab 429 - Water Wheel Challenge
Work in a team to design and build an interactive water wheel that lifts the most weight (max. 8 groups of 3 students).

Lunch - Lab 429 - Seismic Shake-up Challenge
Design a building that’s stable and sturdy enough to survive an earthquake (max. 10 groups of 2-3).