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St Anthony's Science Extravaganza

  • - (AWST)
  • St Anthony's Primary School
    96 Innamincka Road, Greenmount WA 6056, Australia

Our primary school students will host an open night, showcasing various investigations, experiments and projects from the Earth and Space Science strand of the Science Curriculum e.g erupting volcanoes, Sun, Earth and Moon orreries and interactive water cycle displays.

We will have local organisations showcasing the integration of science in their work e.g. animal rescue, bee keepers, and how they use science in their daily lives. There will also be a focus on sustainability, with a local council representative outlining various recycling tips and tricks to help us reduce, reuse, recycle.

Stargazers WA will be the main attraction, visiting the school with their astronomy guides and their telescopes. They will use their laser pointers to outline the constellations and other relevant celestial objects. Participants can then take a closer look through the telescopes to identify Saturn and its rings, and other planets in orbit.

Young children will make their own night-time torches by placing red cellophane over the light, in order to explore the night sky better.