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Introduction to Telescopes & Binoculars

  • - (ACST)
  • The Braggs Lecture Theatre, The University of Adelaide
    Victoria Drive, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia

In this astronomy education session we look at the most essential equipment used by amateur astronomers: telescopes and binoculars. The telescope for some is their first foray into astronomy. We look at different types of telescopes and discover some of the mysteries of optics. This may help those who are wondering what type of scope to buy as a beginners instrument.

Speaker: Mary Adam, ASSA Astronomy Education Officer

Bio: Mary Adam is an Astronomy educator at the Adelaide Planetarium and a lecturer at the University of South Australia where she teaches a course called Astrophysics: An Introduction. Mary has studied Astronomy, physics and Indigenous astronomy through the University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia and the ANU, and is currently studying planetary atmospheric science through Leeds University in the UK.

Her passion and love of Astronomy started at a young age when she discovered that the majority of stars had Arabic names which was the language spoken at home due to her Phoenician heritage.

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