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SciScouts: Science of Outdoors

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Scouting has always been strong on STEM skills. Maths to calculate catering quantities and navigate, the science of water purification, the physics of abseiling, and the engineering and construction of pioneering structures – they all had their place.

Why not join Scouts from across Australia for our National Science Week program in August? We have some fantastic Science of Outdoors activities ready for you to run with your unit, using resources you can source easily and at a low cost from your local supermarket, hardware store and Scout hall. Here are the instruction sheets and videos. Made by Scouts for Scouts.

Scout units across the country will screen the films in local halls and other venues, with kids following instructions and YouTube videos to build the projects. The fun will culminate in a national finale webinar hosted in collaboration with Fizzics Education in late August.

Key dates:

  • Science of Outdoors video project - May-July
  • Youth Member Explainer/Presenter Workshop - Sunday 18 July
  • Science of Outdoors Training Workshops - Joeys/Cubs, Scout/Venturer- August 
  • Science of Outdoors webinar for everyone! - Saturday 28 August

Science of Outdoors is supported by a National Science Week grant from the Australian Government.