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Science Writing 101 Workshop

  • - (AEST)
  • Romsey Community Hub
    96 Main Street, Romsey VIC 3434, Australia

The course, now also available online, will teach the essential skills and strategies needed to convey the fruits of scientific research to the media, government, research-funding bodies and the public.

The 90-minute science-writing workshop starts at 1pm and ends at 5pm.

​Among other things, the course will cover fundamental principles and “rules of the science-writing game”, thus equipping researchers and managers with the confidence and media savvy required to project messages clearly and simply.

Hands-on training will be provided in preparing articles, features and illustrative material for many outlets, including in-house, local and international publications and the digital media.

Participants completing the course will acquire valuable skills, including those needed to liaise with publishers and prepare successful pitches.

Fee includes reference materials and a one-month follow-up period for advice and assistance on any aspect of the course.

Location Information

Monegeetta Room at the Romsey Community Hub, 96 Main Street, Romsey, Victoria 3434.