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Rocking the Cradle of Life

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Join A/Prof Brendan Burns to hear about how his astrobiology group at UNSW is studying the origin of complex life using the stromatolites, ‘living rocks’, of Shark Bay in Western Australia as a model environment. Discover how the field of astrobiology has relevance for our search for life elsewhere, including one of nearest neighbours, Mars.

Associate Professor Brendan Burns leads a research group at UNSW considered one of the best in the world in the study of living microbial mats and stromatolites. These ecosystems are excellent natural laboratories, teeming with microbial life that may have helped shape the biology of the early Earth.

The key to understanding the past is to study the present, and his research team are addressing important evolutionary questions, as well as assessing the impact of climate change on these vulnerable ecosystems.

This event is part of Inspiring NSW’s series of community talks in libraries for National Science Week.