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Science Week at Macclesfield Primary School

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  • Macclesfield Primary School
    405 Macclesfield Road, Macclesfield VIC 3782, Australia

For the 2023 theme of Innovation: Powering Future Industries we have Megan Volta from For the Love of Science coming in to help us run a series of activities and events each day. 

The following activities will run across the week, with all students involved. Some of these activities will run as opt in events, others will be scheduled as whole school events, separated into year levels. 

  •  Design a machine competition for all year levels - This is going to be based on the theme of a machine that will be needed for the future. Guidelines and rules on why and how this machine will help will be included. 
  • Incursion on sustainable energy - as sustainable energy is no doubt going to be a continued innovative way of supporting future industries, Megan will run three or four sessions on this for different year levels on one of our days over the week. 
  • History of science incursion - in order to work on powering future industries we thought it was very important to help our students understand the history of science and what has happened as a result of science to date. This activity we still have not decided whether it will be just for the 3-6 students or the whole school.
  • Incursion on general/fun/exciting science - This will run over some lunch time science/STEM clubs. Megan will support the STEM leader, Marissa to run some lunch time activities across the whole week of the 12th - 20th August.
  • Make a giant rube goldberg machine - We are hoping to end the week with the whole school working on creating a giant Rube Goldberg Machine which we will test, fix and hopefully have working.

We will be inviting families in as well to talk about changes in technology and scientific advancements that have changed over the years.