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Science Gallery Melbourne – SWARM

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  • Science Gallery Melbourne
    700 Swanston Street, Parkville VIC 3053, Australia

Part exhibition, part experiment, SWARM uncovers the very essence of collective behaviour and questions what drives us to be social. From nanobots to native bees, superorganisms to social media, is it better to be part of a pack or go it alone?

There are more of us now than ever before – 7.9 billion people across the entire globe, with most of us now living highly urbanized lives in an ever- growing network of cities. We are also increasingly connected through a technological frenzy of social media and digital interfaces, allowing us to share our lives to hordes of followers, to crowdsource ideas, digitise workforces, and be part of global political movements.

We are not alone in our collective social behaviour. From swarms of social insects, murmurations of birds, to molecular movements, swarming behaviour underlies nearly everything. We are also seeing swarm algorithms driving our future lives, in which we will see swarms of drones and nanorobots helping (or hindering) the very essence of what it means to be human.

At a time of unprecedented societal upheaval due to the current global viral pandemic, Science Gallery Melbourne is delving into the science and art behind what it means to be part of a pack. 

Location Information

Science Gallery Melbourne is wheelchair accessible. The building contains an audio hearing loop and audio descriptions of the exhibition are also available.