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Science @ Central (Armidale NSW)

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  • Armidale Central
    225 Beardy Street, Armidale NSW 2350, Australia

UNE Discovery will conduct arrange of play-based science activities at Armidale Central Shopping Centre in a pop-up style stall from  17 - 20 August.  The team will be conducting demonstrations and guided play along the theme of Glass: More than meets the eye.

Come and look each day at the world a little differently through one of our microscopes or magnifying glasses. Explore our biological, ecological and geological specimens. Have you ever wondered where rainbows come from? Come and create one with our glass prisms. Or become a light bender with some glass lenses. And while you’re at it, why not make glass sing?

There will be short activities, science experts to answer your questions, and most importantly, some National Science Week fun. In addition, on the hour, every hour during session times, we'll have: 

Wednesday & Friday
Science craft: Create a model Kaleidoscope using recycled materials and explore the science of glass and light.

Science experiment: Explore rainbows by creating your own in a jar.

Demonstration: Let us wow you with some of the amazing things glass lets us do in chemistry.

We want to create unexpected moments of science, delight and surprise. Come and join us.