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Sci Art Walks - Beaker Street Festival

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Question: What's Covid-safe, accessible from anywhere in the world, but not virtual?

Answer: Beaker Street Festival 2020.

Like everyone, we've had to innovate this year, and we've come up with an exciting new project called Sci Art Walks. Sci Art Walks is a series of audio-escapes featuring some of Tasmania's most accomplished scientists and artists. Each episode is paired with an iconic nature walk in Tasmania, and features a fascinating scientific talk with original music composed and performed by an incredible lineup of Tassie musicians.

We encourage those who can to listen while enjoying the suggested walk, but Sci Art Walks can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone. The episodes are free, and you don't need a screen to enjoy them. (In fact, they are best paired with fresh air.)

Visit our website to learn more and get an alert when Sci Art Walks is available.