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RACE-Gippsland: Meet the Meat practical

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Learn how to pick the best steak. Students will learn some basic meat judging terminology and concepts, how to identify different cuts of meat, where different cuts of meat come from and the factors that affect meat quality and taste. Discover how to be the best judge by assessing a selection of meat based on appearance, texture and finally taste.

Students will:

  • identify different types of meat and the animals that produce them
  • compare grain and grass fed beef cuts observing meat colour, fat colour and marbling in line with MSA grading standards
  • have the opportunity to taste test, observe and discuss key differences between the meat (optional activity if you wish to purchase your own meat to have a go)

This event is apart of the RACE-Gippsland project and is hosted by the CQUniversity Australia Agriculture Education and Extension cluster who develop innovative programs to increase the skills and knowledge of the current and next generation agricultural workforce in agri-tech tools and systems.