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Protecting Your Patch

  • - (AEST)
  • Law School
    Grosvenor Crescent, University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay TAS 7005, Australia

This is the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Most of us live near patches of habitat that need protection from predatory developers, feral animals, weeds, poor management, vandalism and climate change, etc. Typically, these are areas of bush, but a stretch of river, a lake, wetland, coastal strip, bay or island, etc. also qualify as a patch.

This presentation will consider the benefits and importance of patches, the threats to their existence, what we can do on ground to deal with invasive weeds and feral animals, fencing and monitoring wildlife, etc. We will also consider the activism and advocacy that is often needed in  order to protect a patch. This will be supported with several case-studies from Tasmania, Australia and overseas.

The presenter, Bob Holderness-Roddam, has been active in patch advocacy and on ground work since the mid 1960s, from Osprey protection in Scotland and Save Lake Pedder, to many hours as a volunteer in local reserves and assisting various environmental and social causes. He developed the Community Action Skills Program for Adult Education in the 1980s. He has a Masters Degree in Environmental Management.

Location Information

The University of Tasmania Law School is in Grosvenor Crescent, Sandy Bay. It is building no. 9 on the campus map, available at: