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Print and Host your own Cancer-Themed Augmented Reality Art Gallery

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Cancer is a complex disease and one of society’s largest medical challenges. While there are reliable cancer educational materials available, often these are presented as hard facts and through walls of written text.  Nor surprisingly, this style of communication isn’t appealing or accessible to broad chunks of the community. To address this, Excite Science has been creating immersive experiences to help explain cancer in unique and fun ways.

The latest experience we’ve been developing is the Cancer ARt Gallery. By pairing researchers with creatives, we’re using augmented reality artworks to explain cancer biology through a lens of nostalgic, pop-culture and street art styles. With use of smartphone device to activate the augmented reality component, watch the artwork animate and come alive right in front of you.

For this years National Science Week, all Australians have the opportunity to print and display a selection of our Cancer ARt Gallery at a location of your choice. Whether it’s at your home, school, workplace, or on your socials, you have the opportunity to start a conversation about cancer using eye-catching and interactive artwork.

In addition, we will be exhibiting an extended collection of our artwork in a digital gallery, hosting a webinar to explain the project in more detail, and give people the chance to get their hands on a limited edition collectible card deck. More information on how to participate.

This event is made possible by funding from the National Science Week Grant Program and the Australian Government.