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Learn How to Eavesdrop on Animals with CallTrackers

  • - (AEST)
  • Swansea Town Hall
    12 Franklin Street, Swansea TAS 7190, Australia

Discover how scientists listen in on the secret lives of bats and bitterns. We’ll introduce you to some of the gadgets and the scientists using them to discover what some of Tasmania’s most secretive residents and visitors are up to. Learn how eavesdropping on bats helps unlock their secret world with Dr Lisa Cawthen. Meet ecologist and wetland adventurer Dr Liz Znidersic and find out how she finds and studies bitterns. Join Dr Jim Lovell to understand how animal sounds can be deciphered. Discover how you can become a citizen scientist with NatureTrackers.

NatureTrackers is a program of citizen science projects to track the status of our threatened species and better understand their needs. CallTrackers is a new project using audio recorders to survey for bats and our threatened Australasian bittern.

The team will introduce you to CallTrackers where you'll have to opportunity to choose a location and deploy a recorder, then upload the resulting data. We’ll send you information on which species have been identified, learn about which species live in your area, their behaviour and conservation needs.

Ecologist Dr Lisa Cawthen is a renowned expert on Tasmania's bats. Her professional experience includes academic and governmental research, environmental consultancy and practical conservation actions. She loves to make the case for Tasmania's less understood wildlife and bust the myths about bats.

Ecologist Dr Liz Znidersic is known for her adventures in wetlands. She has worked in the wetlands of Australia and USA developing the best methods to detect sneaky species that prefer to hide than be seen. Liz applies technological methods to assist her on ground fieldwork.

Astronomer Dr Jim Lovell has worked for UTAS, CSIRO and NASA using radio telescopes to study quasars. He recently started working with Lisa and Liz, applying his expertise to develop innovative acoustic monitoring approaches and to coordinate the CallTrackers project.