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Powering With Wind

  • - (AEST)
  • Corowa Public School
    244 Honour Avenue, Corowa NSW 2646, Australia

Students will explore renewable energy through a range of STEM activities focused on the power of wind culminating in a Wind Power Expo demonstrating their models on Thursday 17 August.

Students will be hands-on capturing and using wind energy to learn how renewable energy technology works. They will build a wind turbine and turn it into a light and a wind powered racer transforming wind into kinetic energy. A wind power science kit includes 5 cool experiments will generate and store electricity, converting the generator into an electric motor, assemble a small car and charge a rechargeable battery.

Students will build a wind turbine out of recycled milk/juice cartons, cardboard, straw, and string to demonstrate their understanding of wind power. Infant classes will make their own windmill spinners to use outside in the wind and with a hair dryer. Students will explore how wind moves the windmill blades to make and store energy.

All students will understand the concepts of wind power as an alternative energy source. Creating the wind power kits, students will learn the power of wind using a wind turbine can be used in place of other energy sources such as coal, oil, and nuclear reactions. They will understand how blades on the wind turbines collect the wind’s kinetic energy to produce electricity to recharge batteries, heat homes, and to light buildings.