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Possible Impossibles

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Humans are a species of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and ambitious dreamers. Together we have achieved the seemingly impossible from curing diseases, extending the average lifespan, inventing air flight, harnessing the power of the Earth’s resources to connect people all over the world, to sending people into space. What does the future hold? Will we resurrect extinct species, figure out the hard problem of consciousness, and primarily eat lab grown meat? Are time travel, invisibility, telepathy, and suspended animation ultimately possible? Will climate change, ageing, waste, and food insecurity be oh so 21st century?

Possible Impossibles is an online series of events and activities where we explore the frontiers of possibility, and ask what’s next for the human species. Taste or bake the future, uncover the latest deepfakes, encounter the wildest places on Earth in cinematic VR, discover scientists' predictions, and write a message for the future.

Wild speculation! Educated guess making! Join us this National Science Week for Possible Impossibles, where the boundary between the possible and impossible blurs.

Possible Impossibles is presented by the Royal Society of Victoria for National Science Week 2020 in collaboration with: Brick Lane Brewery, Bendigo Tech School, Gippsland Tech School, Parliament of Victoria, PHORIA, Scienceworks, Science Gallery Melbourne, Whittlesea Tech School, and scientists and experts from CSIRO, La Trobe University, Monash University, RMIT, Swinburne University, the University of Melbourne, and Victoria University.

Please note: some events are 18+, and some events may include a small charge to cover costs.