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PLANT X – Presents Shannon Mulholland Discussing Plant Viruses

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Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub presents Plant X for Investigators – a series of zoom presentations + tutorials a collaboration between scientists and artists with Shannon Mulholland.

This workshop explores the investigation of Pathogens that cause disease in vegetable crops.

Please register for the workshop. The session will be shared online via Zoom.

Shannon will be featured as part of the Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub, online video, and talks for National Science Week 2020.

Shannons' primary role involves the investigation of pathogens that cause disease in vegetable crops. The first and most important step is to identify what is causing the disease. We can then advise growers on how best to manage that disease. The next step is to delve into the life cycle and activity of that pathogen further and try and work out new ways of managing the disease so we can reduce the damage being done to our food crops. Being in the Plant Biosecurity team she is also on hand to respond to outbreaks of new diseases in NSW. These operations can be quite intense but when we can successfully contain a new disease and eradicate it, it is very rewarding work.

Shannon went on to complete a Bachelor of Science and spent many years managing invasive animals and weeds. After a career change, she joined NSW DPI and began to learn about the fascinating world of plant pathology and set her sights on becoming a plant pathologist. Shannon is now undertaking a Ph.D. in plant virology and will continue to work on disease issues within the NSW vegetable industry.

Shannon also works on educating growers about biosecurity so they can start to identify the risk pathways for new pests and diseases coming onto their farm and make changes to reduce that risk as much as possible.

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