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Physics in the Pub

  • - (AEST)
  • Harold Park Hotel
    70a Ross Street, Glebe NSW 2602, Australia

Quantum Light, the Aurora and Prophecies

What makes the aurora so beautiful? Why is science predatory? How can airline weight limits help us solve the Biggest Problems in physics?

All will be revealed when local Sydney physicists take to the stage for Physics in the Pub. Quizzes, comedy and damn interesting science are on the agenda as we meet in person for the first time in too long!

Join us for a refreshing beverage, some pub grub and a fun evening, MCed by Dr Phil Dooley (Phil Up On Science) and supported by the Laboratories Credit Union (

The Line Up

Zahra Bouya (BOM) is going to share her love of the beauty of physics - especially the aurora. Come prepared to be wowed.

Lesley Spencer (UTS) studies light, but not as we know it, captain. Unlike the unruly light globe that sprays light everywhere, hers are quantum light sources that emit only one photon at a time.

Ritika (UTS) is building just such a single-photon light source - that is at the same time ultra-bright. How will she resolve this puzzling riddle?

Physics is broken, says Anthony Carbone (UNSW). Mass, gravity, general relativity even the concept of measurement itself! The crucial clue: airline weight limits.

What actually goes on in high school physics class? You might be surprised to know the reality, says Dr Simon Crook (CrookEd Science and USyd).

John August is the presenter of Roving Spotlight on Radio Skid Row - his roving spotlight will cover eclipses, the moon’s orbit in the 1870s, and the quote ‘science is predatory’.

Greg Pitt is a teacher who believes he can see the future. Magic? Astrology? Or some other mystical power? (I have a hunch it might be physics…)

Phil Dooley (Phil Up On Science) is going to take a look at the big questions of life, death and the universe - from a physics viewpoint.