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PHENOMENA is an experimental documentary project that explores naturally occurring patterns, and the forces of nature that create them. Art and science collide to take us on an ambitious, innovative, and psychedelic journey through the fabric of the universe.

Filmmaker & artist Josef Gatti takes nine natural phenomena and controls them with science and technology to produce mesmerizing and hypnotic imagery that visualize the most fundamental aspects of nature. The images are captured by camera, and produced with practical experiments without the use of CGI.

Guided by a narrator, each chapter explores a natural phenomenon and the forces behind it, including energy, matter, soundwaves, light, electricity, magnetism, gravity, magnitudes and evolution. In a narrative, they build on each other to reveal the story of the universe unfolding from it’s elemental origins to create the stars, earth, and life. Each chapter is synchronized to an exciting and original electro-cinematic score composed by Kim Moyes from Australian dance music duo The Presets.

Requiring countless experiments and innovative thinking, these natural phenomena are manipulated in a controlled environment and captured with state-of-the-art technology.

Time is stretched with slow motion to reveal moments that would otherwise be unseeable. Microscopic characteristics beyond the human eye are made visible by Electron Microscope. Days are turned into seconds with time-lapse photography. And light is manipulated to make the invisible visible.

These powerful visualizations create a unique experience that leads to new insights and perspectives on nature, the universe, and our place within it.