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Oceans of Poetry

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Write a poem about THE OCEAN: it could be a discovery under the waves; a form of ocean life you find interesting; anything that’s Ocean-related.

By the time National Science Week begins the Science Rhymes website will display a collection of your rhyming verse poems about THE OCEAN and related science discoveries that have captured our imagination.

Your poem may answer questions, such as, why it is dangerous for humans to travel deep into the ocean?  What living things down there fascinate you? How can we better use and appreciate the Ocean’s resources, or simply enjoy its allure and beauty?

The Science Rhymes website has a free PDF download to help you on your way. 

Poems are to be submitted by email to Include your poem title & your name, plus your town, school name and an adult name & email address (where appropriate). Email your submissions of 1 to 8 verses by Friday 31 July. Published poems by children will be acknowledged by first name only (and school name where appropriate).