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Ocean Science Day

  • - (ACST)
  • Flinders University
    Sturt Road, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia

Ocean Science Day will dive deep into marine biology and oceanography with immersive learning experiences, arts and crafts, contributed talks, and fun for all ages.

Walk through the life-sized kelp forest and coral reef and experience an underwater scavenger hunt. Participants young and old will learn about stable isotopes and trophic interactions, microbial adaptations, and conservation through hands on arts and crafts. Academics and graduate students will develop their science communication by presenting their research in approachable talks and posters.

Games and activities will teach concepts like predator prey interactions and trophic cascades. Artificial Seagrass Units will be a habitat for kids and adults to experience life as a predator in a seagrass meadow. SCUBA diving demonstrations will teach the public about ocean safety and underwater data collection.

The day will take place at the Flinders University Bedford Park campus where the public will get to explore research labs and animal husbandry facilities. This all-day workshop aims to inform and inspire the public, resulting in positive conservation and education outcomes.

All activities will be age appropriate for children age 3+, with modifications to enhance the learning experience for older children and adults. Young adults (age 13-18) will be able to explore their interest in ocean science and talk with current Flinders University students about their experience and how to pursue marine biology as a career. Adults will also be engaged with hands on experiences and inspired with scientific talks.

Location Information

Please park in Parking Lot 9 and follow signs to Anchor Court. Follow signs from bus stops to Anchor Court