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Ngarri STEM Celebration of Innovation and Determination

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  • Ngarri Primary School
    70 Holyoake Parade, Manor Lakes VIC 3024, Australia

Innovation and determination are two of our core values at Ngarri Primary School, which aligns perfectly with the theme for National Science Week. Our STEM student leaders are currently working hard to build their coding, engineering, and science skills to run Science Week activities with the theme of Science Celebration of Innovation and Determination. This will involve a one-hour workshop per class, lunchtime activities, and a celebration afternoon that all families and community members will be invited to participate in.

The hour lesson for the lower primary will involve a STEM challenge where students use their problem-solving skills and determination to engineer solutions to challenges, the upper-primary students will be introduced to MicroBit Macqueen Robots, where they will code their robots in innovative ways to solve a problem such as a prototype to collect rubbish.

The afternoon session will engage students, families, teachers, and community members to work as a team to complete a range of innovative science experiments and STEM engineering/coding challenges.

All of the STEM projects will be displayed so families can celebrate their child’s learning. Ngarri Primary School is a brand new school, and the Science Week activities will create excitement that our community will look forward to each year.

Location Information

If not a family member of a student from Ngarri Primary School, please check-in through the main office.