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New Inventions From Japanese Traditional Knowledge – Kippax

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  • Kippax Library
    Hardwick Crescent, Holt ACT 2615, Australia

Amazing Japanese traditional waterproofing technology will help you pick up as many bouncy balls as possible, using only a thin paper scoop.

Have you heard of the word Matsuri or “festival” in Japanese?

Matsuri are held at shrines and temples on special occasions, and they often feature stalls with games for kids:

How many bouncy balls in the pool can you pick up using only a thin paper scoop? 

In this workshop, amazing Japanese traditional waterproofing technology using a mysterious liquid will help you scoop as many balls as possible.

Although waterproofing technology has 1000+ years of history in Japan, plastic technology has completely replaced it. But as we realise the environmental damage plastics are doing worldwide, scientists and inventors are returning to this ancient wisdom to solve today’s problems.

Would you like to know what kind of technology and where it began? Could it be something you find in the supermarket? In this 60 minute workshop, you’ll get hands-on with Japanese culture and traditional technology, then come up with your own original invention ideas that could be made using the mysterious waterproofing liquid.

This free event is suitable for primary school aged children (Year 1 to 6). Parents are required to stay, and we warmly encourage them to get involved.

Note that participants will be asked to be part of a voluntary research study using questionnaires and worksheets. This workshop is part of a partnership between Dr Kei Kano, Shiga University in Japan and Dr Graham Walker, ANU.