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Nature Play QLD BioBlitz

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Nature Play QLD is committed to helping educators have outdoor learning as part of their every day. The Nature Play QLDBioBlitz 2020 is a science experiment that spans the entire state of Queensland – getting as many kids involved as possible so we can work together to collect scientific data. The best bit is it can be done every day of the year, wherever you are.

This is a program open to primary schools, early childhood centres, OSHCs, home schools, daycares, and even parents at home. We wanted outdoor learning to be as inclusive as possible. The Nature Play QLD BioBlitz is designed to help our kids become part of something a lot bigger than their own classroom and really entrench a love of collaboration.

We will be running this bioblitz project until 31 December 2020. This means that kids can still be involved on weekends and holidays. We will be running another bioblitz project for 2021 and announcing the theme on Outdoor Classroom Day on 5 November. Who knows what it could be?