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Science Puzzles at Coburn Primary School

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  • Coburn Primary School
    26-44 Richard Road, Melton South VIC 3338, Australia

The Vet (teacher) has locked himself accidentally in his cabinet while consulting an elephant patient (elephant mascot) with a terrible mouth hygiene and a sore tooth. He wants to make elephant toothpaste to help the elephant, but he needs to find all the ingredients. He stored them safely, but he cannot remember where. He needs some help to find the ingredients and the spare key to make the elephant tooth paste and get out of the room. In small groups, the students will unlock tasks and complete challenges (based on what they learned so far in science) in order to get clues that will help them locate all the ingredients and the key.

Once all the ingredients and the key are located, they go outside where the Vet mixes the ingredients for the toothpaste.

There will be toothpaste in three different colours on a spinning tabletop to create a rainbow spiralling toothpaste. The students will also make invitations for their family members to attend, as part of this activity.

Location Information

Building block C, Science Room