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National Science Week in Murchison Shire

  • - (AWST)
  • Community Hall
    3007 Carnarvon-Mullewa Road, Murchison WA 6630, Australia

The Shire of Murchison is excited to be hosting a National Science Week event for the first time at its beautiful Oasis Settlement.

Scitech will be here showcasing their Solar System Workshop which will run continuously for 5 hours, followed by a show for the general public.

The Shire has worked collaboratively with members of CSIRO and members of the MRO Site in Murchison who will be in attendance throughout and have kindly offered catering of delicious healthy foods for the event. They will also be setting up amazing telescopes for an evening of wonderful stargazing. The Murchison provides ideal conditions for radio astronomy, with excellent visibility of the sky, favorable weather and climate, upper atmosphere stability, and importantly superb radio quietness.

The mix of Scitech's weird and wonderful STEM activities with CSIRO's representatives here and highlighting dark skies and strong culture is the perfect event for Murchison locals, the Indigenous Pia Wadjarri community and fellow travelers and tourists.

Location Information

Shire Office employees will be more than welcome to point anyone in the right direction upon arrival.