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NATA explores Why Measurement Uncertainty Matters

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Every day our lives are impacted by science often without us noticing or taking the time to learn and appreciate. And measurements play a key role, whether it’s being able to trust the quality of the water coming out of our taps, or the steel supporting our homes and cars, someone has put in the hard yards, so we can all benefit from the results.

The National Association of Testing Authorities, NATA, is using this National Science Week to hero and explore the role measurement uncertainty plays in our lives and in powering future industries like quantum computing and precision medicine.

Measurement uncertainty is the difference between a measurement result, typically the result read from the equipment, and the true value, the actual size of what is being measured. However, we can only ever know an approximation of the true value, and that depends on how it’s being measured.

To cast a spotlight on the ways in which measurement uncertainty supports our way of life, NATA’s Deputy Sector Manager for Materials, Assets and Products, Nick Di Cresce features in a video introducing Why Measurement Uncertainty Matters, to those who may not be familiar with the topic this National Science Week.