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Monitoring Air Pollution – Online workshop

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Praxical is a new learning initiative creating online workshops where everyone can actively engage in the scientific process.

For National Science Week this year Praxical is collaborating with ANSTO. Together they are creating a fully online, self-led workshop about the causes and effects of fine particle air pollution. During the workshop you will get the opportunity to engage in the scientific data and skills used by ANSTO researchers to monitor and evaluate Australian Air pollution.

In this workshop, you’ll work with 22 years of ANSTO air pollution data to discover how the type of pollution, daily weather, and global events all contribute to the quality of the air we breathe. Learn how scientists graph this data to track pollution from its sources and determine its impact on a global scale.

This Problem Based Learning (PBL) style workshop will give you the opportunity to work on the data yourself, coming up with your own scientific conclusions, rather than just passively consuming information. Designed to be fully online and self-led, we’ll give you everything you need to participate in the workshop.

These workshops are suitable for audiences in Year 9 or 10, or for anyone who has left school and is interested in re-engaging in science. The workshops are separated into modules, with the whole workshop being able to be completed in approximately one hour, or it can be broken up and done over a longer timeframe.

Note for teachers

When registering for the event, please indicate that you are interested in using this in the classroom. We can then contact you with more information about how our workshops are self-led, syllabus directed, flexible and perfect for either the classroom or for assigned independent learning.

This initiative is supported by Inspiring Australia as part of National Science Week