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Monash Sensory Science Exhibition and Workshop

  • - (AEST)
  • Hearing Australia (Australian Hearing Hub)
    Ground Floor, 16 University Ave, Macquarie University, Macquarie Park NSW 2109, Australia

In celebration of National Science Week, Monash Sensory Science, in partnership with NextSense, a leading supporter of Australian children with hearing and vision loss, is holding a half-day exhibition and workshop focused on biomedicine and immunity for blind, low vision and diverse needs audiences.

From handcrafted immune sculptures made of clay, food and paper to interactive multisensory science books to immersive audio works exploring autoimmune processes, cells and protein structures and interactions, audiences will learn about the immune system, autoimmunity, cancer and the gut biota, in an event designed specifically for people with sensory needs.

The exhibition also contains a multisensory science art-making workshop, where participants will work with exhibition artist Dr Erica Tandori exploring human immune cells. All art making materials are provided by the event organisers and artwork created in the workshop will form the basis of further exhibitions and new interactive science books.

This event is free and open to all. Booking in advance is essential as workshop places are limited.

To find out more visit about Monash Sensory Science, visit our website.

Watch a promo video of our recent exhibition.

Exhibition program

  • A special opening video presentation by Australian Paralympic runner, Jaryd Clifford
  • Immunology inspired music and data sonification by Swinburne University IxD lab
  • Visiting scientists from Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, and members of NextSense and Macquarie University
  • Interactive workshop sessions
  • Complimentary lunch and afternoon tea are also provided.

Getting there

The event is being held at the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University, Sydney.


  • You are welcome to bring your guide dog with you.
  • A carer, family member or friend is welcome to attend with you, however they will also need to complete a registration form to ensure we can optimise your experience in the various group activities.