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Minute to Win it

  • - (AEST)
  • Lota State School
    Richard Street, Lota QLD 4179, Australia

Students at Lota State school from Prep to Year 6 will take part in 4 science-based games. 

Chop Stick Pick-up  materials science
How many blocks can you move from 1 cup to the other using only the chopsticks in 1 minute.

Dice Stack structures
Can you hold an ice cream stick in your teeth and balance 3 die on the end of it for 1 minute? 

Pom Pom Race forces
Organise a race and use a straw to blow a pom pom across the floor. 

Ping Pong Bounce forces and angles
How many ping pong balls can you get into the egg carton in 1 minute? Ball must bounce once, so you will need a hard surface.