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Menzies Little Scientists

  • - (ACST)
  • Charlies Darwin University
    Ellengowan Drive, Casuarina NT 0810, Australia

The Menzies-Ramaciotti Centre will be collaborating with Charles Darwin University to hold the Menzies Little Scientists activity as part of the Bite of Science event.

The activity will provide budding young scientists the opportunity to participate in hands on activities to understand and visualise the scientific world of little things. 

The Menzies Little Scientists activities will include:

  • Photo Booth – Put on a lab coat and glasses and hold a giant cell for a photo.
  • Hand-held microscope - use a handheld microscope and a digital screen to see what rocks, plants and other items look like under magnification.
  • Digital Microscope – Learn how to use a digital laboratory and view bacteria, cells, muscle, insects, and plants up to x40 times magnification.
  • Agar plate activity: students will swab surfaces and use loops to streak onto agar plates to learn how scientists plate samples to look for bacteria.
  • Art activity - Make your own glow in the dark agar plate with craft bacteria.
  • Engaging with researchers and ask questions about science and research.
  • Bacteria memory game – match the real-life image of the bacteria to cartoon pictures of bacteria
  • Hand Washing Glitter Bug activity

For further information please contact The Menzies-Ramacotti Centre, on 08 8946 8635 or via email.