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Meet the Innovators – Panel discussion for schools with the South Australian Museum

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Join us online as we celebrate National Science Week with this live webinar for students.

Dr Mike Lee, Dr Rachael King, and Dr Liz Reed will talk about their pathways into a science career, why they love science and share the innovative research they are currently doing at the South Australian Museum. Aimed at students in Year 6 and up, this will be an inspiring and fascinating panel. 

Our Panel

Dr Rachael King
Rachael King is the Head of Earth and Biological Sciences at the South Australian Museum. She has a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a PhD and had been working as a research scientist for more than 20 years. Her main area of scientific expertise is taxonomy, which is more generally exploring for and describing new species. With a special focus on crustaceans, Rachael has worked all over the world from deep-sea to deserts and has described and named more than 60 species.

Dr Mike Lee
Michael Lee is senior research scientist at the South Australian Museum and professor of biology at Flinders University. He has a PhD in zoology and specialises in living and fossil reptiles, which is fortunate as Australia has more species of reptiles than any other country.  He's especially interested in how major evolutionary transitions take place, such as birds evolving from dinosaurs and snakes evolving from lizards.

Dr Liz Reed
Liz Reed is a Lecturer within the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in the School of Biological Sciences and a member of the Environment Institute. She is also a Research Scientist in Palaeontology at the South Australian Museum. Liz’s particular interests include biodiversity records from caves and refining megafauna extinction records.