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Meet Einstein - Preschool Storytime & Experiments

  • - (AEST)
  • Campaspe Library
    310 Hare St, Echuca VIC 3564, Australia

Families are invited to the Campaspe Library for a special Science Storytime that includes hands-on experiments. The session will be facilitated by TwistED Science, an Echuca-based business that brings science to life with engaging, informative and interesting sessions that appeal to children of all ages that encourage the love of learning - as well as having fun!

The team from TwistED Science will bring the workshop to the library during the regular Friday storytime session. They will invite the children to first pop on a lab coat, then listen to the presenters read ‘Meet Einstein’, a children’s picture book written by Mariela Kleiner and illustrated by Viviana Garafoli.

The book covers topics such as what scientists' study and the concepts of enquiry, questioning and making discoveries. It focusses on Einstein's discoveries of light and gravity. The book finishes by encouraging children to consider becoming a scientist when they are older.

As the presenters read through the book with the children, they will stop at various points a do a simple experiment. For example, when the book talks about gravity they will bring out a pom-pom popper, which are little tubes with some rubber on them. They will show the children that when you pull back on the rubber and let go, the pom-pom shoots into the air and it falls back down. Other experiments include baking soda and vinegar, water tension experiments, and things with magnetism.