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Marvellous Engineering

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  • St Mary's Parish Primary School
    210 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough VIC 3088, Australia

Marvellous Engineering invites year levels from Foundation to Year 6, parents and community members.

The program will take place during student learning and extend into break times, for a week. There will be a focus on investigating, testing and implementing design solutions to meet current human needs and sustainability practices.

Students will be exploring coding, AI experiments, robotic hands used in prosthetics and considering ways to improve air and water quality and land conservation. Our students at St Mary’s have discovered that there are currently too many vehicles on our roads, therefore the main activity for the week will be designing and creating solar powered vehicles to support clean energy.

The vehicles will be tested to determine further input to advance the design features. The solar powered vehicles can be used on the footpath to deliver food, medications, mail and blood tests to their desired destinations. These small, diverse vehicles may remove some cars and scooters from our roads, reducing pollution and provide a cost-effective initiative.

Students will be asked to think about theoretical ways to improve their designs, e.g. using solar batteries to store excess solar electricity, allowing vehicles to work at all times of the day.