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Mapping the Human Brain

  • - (AEST)
  • Westmead Institute of Medical Research
    176 Hawkesbury Road, Westmead NSW 2145, Australia

The ability to effectively treat and maintain mental health disorders is an international medical challenge. Currently we do not understand the biological cause of the cognitive and emotional symptoms that define these disorders. We know that the brain changes over the course of a lifespan and that altered brain growth or rates of decline are implicated in a vast range of psychiatric, developmental and neurogenerative diseases.

Dr Breukelaar uses advancements in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to explore how brain regions work collectively in order to shed new light on the working of our brains.

Dr Isabella Breukelaaris a researcher and postdoctoral fellow at the Brain Dynamics Centre, Westmead Institute for Medical Research. Using large multi-modal datasets Isabella investigates the impact of trauma and trauma-related illness on the brain and the shared neurobiological features that occur across anxiety, depression, and psychosis. She hopes to one day see brain imaging integrated within clinical practice to improve mental health outcomes.

Nina Earl is a curator and science communicator at Powerhouse Museum. She has extensive experience in the design and development of interdisciplinary exhibitions, including recent exhibitions Design for Life and Eucalyptusdom.

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