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MalignancyVR: A cancer-themed virtual reality game

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MalignancyVR is an immersive Virtual Reality game exploring modern cancer treatments.

Designed by cancer researchers, Dr Ken Dutton-Regester (Excite Science) and Dr Elke Hacker (QUT), we’re using VR as a platform to teach people about cancer. In its current form, MalignancyVR is a demo game that transports players into the lung. When a metastatic skin cancer suddenly appears, it’s up to you to use chemo, targeted and immuno-therapies to kill the cancer. Will you be able to control the cancer?

During National Science Week and for a limited time, MalignancyVR will be free to download for those with an Oculus Quest headset.

Thanks to Real Serious Games, Queensland high school students also have the opportunity to win an Oculus Quest for themselves and their schools. We have three prizes in total, each consisting of two 64Gb Oculus Quest VR headsets valued at AU$1330 (Total prize pool package: $4000).

Learn more about MalignancyVR, and about downloading the game and entering the competition.

This National Science Week project is supported by the Australian Government, made possible by Excite Science, Queensland University of Technology, and Real Serious Games.

Are you ready to play?