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Making For All

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To boost the participation of our disability community during National Science Week, Making for All: Reaching people with disabilities will feature among more than 1000 events across the country. We’ll send 550 or so circuit-making kits to disability organisations around Victoria. The kits have been designed for young adults with sensory, significant motor or cognitive disabilities so everyone, regardless of skill level, can learn to make their own technology.

The maker kits contain easy-to-use components, such as large foam blocks that can be pushed together with the back of a hand. Conductive tape replaces fiddly fine wires traditionally used in circuit-making. And a button cell battery powers an LED light or vibration motor – either as a stand-alone or fanciful feature in arts and crafts.

Once Making for All participants complete their circuit-making activities, we hope they’ll share a photo of themselves with their creations, demonstrating how much people with disabilities can do in STEM when given the right opportunity.