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MakeX Competition – Smart light challenge

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2020 MakeX spark online is a creative design competition for young inventors, aged between 6 to 13. The participating team (student with a mentor) will need to accept one or both challenge(s) and devise a solution using problem solving techniques from the industry. The solution will be presented in a poster with topics including research, design-thinking process, project design, construction scheme, and outcome summary.

Here are five videos for your reference:

The MakeX is an global robotics competition platform that promotes multidisciplinary learning of young inventor within the field of science and technology. It aims at building a world where STEAM education is highly needed and young inventors are passionate about innovation by engaging them in existing robotics competition of STEAM carnival.

Pakronics is on a mission to find young Australian inventor to participate and represent Australia at international competition. Pakronics Education will offer mentoring and support for those who are wanting to participate in this competition.

This is a free event but you may need compatible hardware if you don't have it.