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Live From The Lab – on FBi Radio

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Each weekday morning from 8.15 - 8.45 am on FBi Radio (95.4 FM or stream online), from Friday 14 August to Friday 21 August.

Live From The Lab (LFTL) is a celebration of science, music, arts and culture.

Six Sydney musicians and performers will be partnered with six Australian science researchers from each of the six Sydney Nano Institute flagship projects - Grand Challenges. Each of these projects is aimed at discovering ground-breaking solutions to the world’s greatest challenges that are of social, economic and scientific significance:

  1. Advanced Capture of Water from the Atmosphere
  2. CO2 Zero
  3. Safe-by-Design Nanotechnology
  4. Nanorobotics for Health
  5. Computational Materials Discovery
  6. Unlocking the Neural Interface

The musicians will then share six brand-new compositions inspired by their emotional response to this cutting-edge research in nanoscience on FBi Radio each weekday morning of National Science Week.

Hosted by Associate Professor Alice Motion (School of Chemistry and Sydney Nano Institute Deputy Director, University of Sydney) and Courtney Ammenhauser as part of FBi Radio's weekly science segment Up and Atom.

Want to hear more about LFTL? Download the podcasts or join us for an in-depth online discussion between participating artists and scientists on Friday 21 August from 3.00-4.15 pm.

Supported by Inspiring Australia and The University of Sydney. Presented by FBi Radio, in collaboration with the Nanosonic Stories team from The University of Sydney Nano Institute.