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Lessons From the Fires: A biodiversity and climate perspective

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The 2019/20 bushfire season in Australia was unprecedented. Over 12 million hectares were burnt in eastern and southern Australia and nearly three billion frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals were killed.

Climate change is making bushfire conditions more dangerous than ever, with increasing risks to people, property, and the environment. Efforts are now underway to develop prioritisation and recovery plans for key vulnerable species, enact rapid biodiversity recovery responses, and establish better adaptation options.

Bringing together perspectives from biodiversity and climate change experts, and policy makers, this webinar will focus on understanding bushfire seasons under a changing climate, preparedness for future bushfires seasons, and ongoing impacts on biodiversity.


  • David Karoly - Leader, Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub
  • John Woinarski - Deputy Chair, Wildlife and Threatened Species Bushfire Recovery Expert Panel and Deputy Director, Threatened Species Recovery Hub


  • Sally Box - Threatened Species Commissioner and Chair of the Australian Government's Wildlife and Threatened Species Bushfire Recovery Expert Panel
  • Andrew Dowdy - Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub Lead Investigator and Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Luke Purcell - Manager, AFAC National Resource Sharing Centre
  • Oliver Costello - CEO, Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation, Threatened Species Recovery Hub Indigenous Reference Group
  • Dan Rogers - Principal Ecologist, South Australian Department for Environment and Water
  • Vanessa Westcott - Ecologist NSW, Bush Heritage Australia


  • Rachel Morgain - Knowledge Broker, Threatened Species Recovery Hub
  • Sonia Bluhm - Knowledge Broker, Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub

The Climate, Fire, and Biodiversity webinar series is a collaboration between the NESP Threatened Species Recovery and Earth Systems and Climate Change Hubs.