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Lepidoptera and Technology

  • - (AEST)
  • Australian Butterfly Sanctuary
    8 Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia

At the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary we are passionate about sharing the fascinating world of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). During National Science Week we will be exploring how Lepidoptera and insects have helped inspire innovation in technology. 

Lepidoptera has played a significant role in the development in technology. The unique characteristics of these insects has inspired scientists and engineers to create new technologies that mimic the attributes of these amazing creatures.

The study of butterfly wings has led to the development of more efficient aerospace technology, while their eye structure has inspired the creation of high-resolution cameras. Lepidoptera has also contributed to the development of biomimicry and biotechnology, with applications in self-cleaning materials and tissue engineering respectively.

The continued study of Lepidoptera is likely to lead to even more discoveries and advancements in technology. Join us on a guided tour as we explore the world of butterflies and moths and their contribution to science and technology.

Location Information

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is in the heart of Kuranda Village in far North Queensland. We are the largest butterfly sanctuary in the southern hemisphere.