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Intro to Educational Games

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Ever thought about turning your passion for science into a game? Have you considered creating an interactive story, an adventure game, or an AR scavenger hunt? Now's your chance to learn how to do just that.

The talk will be led by Rebecca Kerr, who holds a master’s in interactive media and designs educational games while teaching game design in higher education. Rebecca will provide an introduction to educational game design, including key considerations you'll need to consider when creating your own games.

Throughout the event, we'll explore some examples of well-constructed educational games, delving into their mechanics, their effectiveness, and how they operate. Rebecca will also guide you through various game engines and tools you can employ to develop your own games.

At the end of the session, there'll be time allocated for a Q&A segment, offering you the opportunity to ask any game design-related questions you may have.

The link to the online workshop will be emailed to those who have registered via Eventbrite 24 hours before the event.

Note: This talk is designed for those new to educational games, however, all are welcome.

This event is the opening for the I Love Science Game Jam 2023. The signature item for the jam will be revealed during the talk. Please note, you do not need to participate in the Jam to attend.