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Interactive Hands-on Robotics Show

  • - (AEST)
  • HJ Daley Library
    1 Hurley Street, Campbelltown NSW 2560, Australia

Robotics is an ideal subject for learning activities where young people can learn all aspects of areas incorporated in STEM Learning. During the event, the Young Innovators Network team will be talking about robotics and will be showing Lego Mindstorm EV3 in action which is one of the most popular learning robots.

Robotics & STEM Learning

The science of circuits can be explored in robotics. Whilst the technology of robotics and how they work in a general sense is also covered during this event.

Engineering involves the development and making of the robots themselves, with the infrastructure being shown to the attendees and their purpose explained. i.e. The wheels and small motors will be shown in action whilst also being explained how they can also be used in pulleys. Also how the Lego pieces have been attached in such a way so that the structural integrity of the robot itself can be held together.

Finally, "Mathematics" is mostly involved in the coding and programming of the robots themselves. In terms of what values to input into the robot, how the sensors work, how rotations work, how to calculate and measure distances and input them into the code, etc. All of this will be shown and explained to the attendees whilst the team’s robot will be on display.

Young Innovators Australia

Young Innovators Australia (YIA) is a non-profit organisation that promotes passion driven interactive and experiential learning. YIA runs workshops and activities that enable students to become independent and Innovative learners.

Since 2017, YIA has been running workshops, public shows and Interactive activities on STEM-related learning mainly coding and robotics. YIA also run workshops on productive learning such as Think, Create & Innovate, public speaking, HSC Success Secrets and many more.