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Insects and Flowers: A Natural Connection led by ecologist Dr Sue Jaggar

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  • Ravensthorpe Town Hall and Ravensthorpe Regional Herbarium
    35 Dunn Street, Ravensthorpe WA 6346, Australia

Come join us in the wonderful and vibrant world of insects and flowers for a two-day workshop on Pollination.

Saturday 20 August

A morning field excursion exploring and finding insects and the flowers they pollinate in our local area. From 9am to noon.

And an afternoon in the Herbarium looking at the wonder of insects and flowers under microscopes. From 1.00 - 3.30 pm.

Sunday 21 August

Connections between flowers and their 6 legged visitors - the role of native bees and flies in pollination and biological control in an illustrated talk presented by Dr Sue Jaggar.

Sunday's talk is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to gain a visual and informative glimpse of our amazing insects and flowers and how they interact with each other. Sue is an amazing photographer reflected in her significant studies of insects.

Bookings are essential.