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Innovative STEAM Renewable Energy Design Challenge

  • - (ACST)
  • Dripstone Middle School
    10 Delamere Street, Tiwi NT 0810, Australia

National Science Week is an exciting opportunity for Dripstone to showcase the innovative and progressive ideas of our students in the field of STEAM. As a part of the week-long celebration, we are organising a science fair that will involve the entire school community, including council members, ministers, and primary schools.

Innovation: Powering Future Industries. Our Year 9 students will be participating in an open-ended “>Innovative STEAM Renewable Energy Design Challenge”>, where they will be tasked with designing and creating a prototype that utilizes renewable energy. Our Year 7 and 8 students are given an opportunity to demonstrate activities from the fields of biology, chemistry, geology, and physics.

During National Science Week, all students will have the opportunity to showcase their models and prototypes to the whole school community at the science fair. This event will provide a platform for students to share their creativity, scientific knowledge, and problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, our students will be presenting their projects to Moil Primary School on 16 August to inspire and engage younger students in the wonders of STEAM. We are also invited by other feeder primary schools to showcase the activities that we run in our middle school.

This event will also serve as an introduction to our brand-new STEAM center. We are excited to showcase the STEAM center through our science fair to the wider community, including parents, council members, ministers, and primary schools.

National Science Week holds immense potential for Dripstone to highlight the brilliance of our students and their ideas. Through this event, we would like to inspire creativity, scientific exploration, and problem-solving skills.

Location Information

Venue for science fair: Dripstone Middle School The science fair would occur at Dripstone Middle School which starts in the mall leading to the STEAM area. Dripstone has a huge car park area which is right in front of the school, side and at the back of the school.