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Indigenous Knowledge and Marine Science in Gamay (Botany Bay)

  • - (AEST)
  • Yarra House
    1 Elaroo Avenue, Phillip Bay NSW 2036, Australia

As part of the National Science Week, the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) and the Gamay Rangers will host an evening of knowledge exchange involving First Nations people, scientists, and community members from the Gamay (Botany Bay) area in Sydney. It will consist of a public evening event including talks, a panel discussion, posters, and savoury food.

Gamay (Botany Bay) is a coastal waterway of immense social, cultural, and ecological value. The Dharawal people have fished and farmed in this area for tens of thousands of years. The waterways here have a complex history of human influence which has led to habitat destruction and loss of significant cultural species.

To ensure sustainable management of the bay, SIMS is actively working towards bringing together stakeholders, incorporating western scientific knowledge and Traditional Ecological Knowledge from First Nations people of Gamay. The aim of the initiative is to enhance ecosystem health and support the sustainable management of urban coastal waterways.

To learn more about the event program and SIMS' work in Gamay, please see the SIMS webpage:

  • 5:00:      Arrival
  • 5:30:      Welcome to Country (Aunty Marilyn Russell)
  • 5:35:      SIMS Opening (Martina Doblin)
  • 5:40:      Gamay Rangers introduction and housekeeping (Robert Cooley)
  • 5:45:      Panel discussion
  • 6:30:      Overview of SIMS projects in Gamay and closing (Will Figueira)
  • 6:40:      Poster session with savoury food

Image credit: John Turnbull