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ICRAR Monologue Competition Winners

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Join us online and on Noongar Boodjar as we announce the winners of the inaugural ICRAR Monologue Competition.

Writers from around Western Australia created Monologues about the problems that science raises and solves. Performers brought creative solutions to life in a web series for the wider Australian audience to enjoy.

These videos are not short films or a full theatre performance, rather, they are rehearsed readings of the Monologue by actors and writers, so you will see a script in hand and hear the rawness of the storytelling.

We hope you enjoy the talent of the writers of Western Australia, the personal stories of international researchers, and the wonders of the galaxy as seen by engineers and scientists of ICRAR, some of whom use telescopes at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) on traditional Wajarri Yamaji land.

The inaugural Winners of the National Science Week ICRAR Monologue Competition:

StoryBursts: Winners of the ICRAR Monologue Competition on YouTube

  • Winner of the Most Innovative Monologue category is 'Zone of English' by Greg Wah, performed by Susie Conte
  • Winner of the Most Commended by the Judging Panel is 'The Emu in the Sky' written and performed by Rosie Sitorus
  • Winner of the Best Monologue based on ICRAR Research is 'Missing: 1 sock and half the universe' written and performed by Nigel Luck
  • Winner of the Best Monologue based on an ICRAR Researcher is 'Black Holes and Coffee' by Nigel Luck, performed by Vivienne Glance
  • Winner of the Best Emerging Writer is 'An astronomer walks into a bar' written and performed by Mia Walker

And the story doesn’t end there! From Friday 4 September you can also watch the videos of the Runner-ups in three categories, so follow the ICRAR social media channels to see each video.